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My name is Candace White, I grew up on the Hants Shore in Nova Scotia. My life as a collector of the ocean's treasures began at a very early age. I spent a lot of time on the beach with my Mom, cousins and friends. We spent our days, swimming, mudsliding, fishing, and searching the beaches for rocks, crystals, stones and shells.


In 2011, a co-worker and I sat down with my jewelry mentor Ida Denyes and began making wire wrapped rings. When my best friend got married in 2012, she had a beach themed wedding. I hand wrapped each of her guests a sea glass pendant to take home. A guest at her wedding liked my work so much that he took some of my pendants to Alberta to sell in his shop. As more and more people expressed an interest in my jewelry, Tidal Wave Sea Gems was born.


My Jewelry is handmade with wire and natural sea glass stones. I use only genuine sea glass, handpicked from the Atlantic Shorelines and beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia. Tidal Wave Sea Gems are pieces of glass, pottery, china, tiles that have all been tumbled on the ocean's floor, their edges smoothed by waves, sand, rocks and the tides of time. These little gems are washed up on the shoreline where they are found by me and turned into a treasure that you will love and enjoy for years to come. 


Candace White
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